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License:Shareware OS:Win 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
Rating: Rated 5 Stars. Submitted:7 Aug 2003
File Size:2.02 MB Price: $29.00 USD (approx.)

TrojanShield will protect you from hackers and trojans. If a hacker tries to break into your computer, TrojanShield will intercept the attempt and notify you immediately and will then allow you to take action against the hacker.

The TrojanShield package is made up of the following applications which work together to protect your computer from hackers:

  • TrojanShield Console is able to detect attempts made by hackers to break into your computer. It will protect you and notify you of the attempt.
  • TrojanShield Anti-Trojan detects and disinfects trojan servers from your computer. It will scan for trojan servers automatically, but can also be used to scan specific areas of a drive, computer or network.
  • TrojanShield Process Manager displays a list of all running programs on your computer including trojan servers, which are not normally visible.
  • TrojanShield Startup Manager displays all programs which will run at startup, including programs which would not normally be visible.
  • TrojanShield Tracer enables you to obtain information about the hacker. It is usually able to provide an e-mail address to which a complaint about the hacker can be sent.
  • TrojanShield Resolver allows you to quickly find out host names of Internet addresses and Internet addresses of host names.
  • TrojanShield Pinger lets you see if a remote computer is reachable. It can also be used to trace the Internet route to another computer.

License information: Free 15 Day Trial

This download is the free trial version of TrojanShield. The full version can be purchased for around $29.00 USD.