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Speed Math for Mind: Speed Mind Maths 1.0

License:Shareware OS:Win 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
Rating: Rated 4 Stars. Submitted:29 Oct 2008
File Size:12.97 MB Price: $19.95 USD (approx.)

Speed Math for Mind: Speed Mind Maths will let you practice calculations in your head. It lets you control every aspect of the calculations. With it's state of the art Random Number Generator, it will allow calculations even in fractions. You can customise the font colours and background colours for the application.


Free Vedic Math Ebook: On downloading this software, a free ebook (in the form of help file) will be available to you. The ebook will teach you the best techniques to do mental calculations in your head and will also give you the best techniques which are not part of Vedic Maths.

Dynamically generated Questions: You decide the number of questions you want to generate and also the number of decimal places it should have.

Set Timers Dynamically: Decide your own Question display time and amount of time you need to answer to be displayed(Answer Display Time).

Manual Typing Answers: Speed Mind Maths gives you the option to manually type your own answers and the software will verify it. Average time taken to answer per question is also calculated.

Tracking of Questions and Correct Answers: The software will track the number of questions that you have answered, the number of correct answers and the percentage correct answers that you have given.

Support for fractional questions: You can set the number of fraction digits that are to be generated in the questions.

Two Layouts for Question Display: You can choose upside down or side by side displays for Questions.

All Arithmetic Operators Supported: You can practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, squares, cubes, square roots, cube roots, doubling, halving and much more.

Special Features: Each arithmetic operator will have it's own feature. For example, while practicing subtraction, you can tell the software to generate question in such a way that the answer is always positive. For squares and cubes, you can set a range of numbers that you would like to practice on. Percentage calculations can be set to values less than 100% and even Integral percentages. These plus many more.

This download is the free trial version of Speed Math for Mind: Speed Mind Maths. The full version can be purchased for around $19.95 USD.