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Foo Buddy Pogo 3.3

License:Shareware OS:Win XP, Vista
Rating: Rated 5 Stars. Submitted:21 Apr 2008
File Size:1.14 MB Price: $9.99 USD (approx.)

Foo Buddy is an auto balloon-popping puzzle solving program developed for the benefit of the players of Pogo's Pop Fu. This specialized Pop Fu auto navigates crates, shoots throwing stars, autoplays, and shows/plays hints! As if this weren't enough, it contains a "try before you play" feature for users who play manually. This enables manual users to practice solving the puzzle on the Buddy first.

So, if you are one of the many Pop Fu players who has a difficulty solving perfect puzzles in a short amount of time, or would rather not, you'll be relieved to know that there's a sturdy and precise tool out there that is ready and willing to do the job (or part of it) for you - that tool is Foo Buddy. Foo Buddy is guaranteed to improve your Pop Fu game and maximize your Pogo tokens. It's a Pogo helper no Pop Fu player should be without.

Features include:

  • Completely and 100% undetectable! Others can only guess if a Pogo cheat is being used, so play with confidence.
  • Plays Pogo's Pop Fu automatically.
  • Programmed with an advanced feature enabling users to "practice" the puzzle on the Buddy before solving it in the game - complete with rewind and fastforward.
  • Includes play hint and show hint features to use during manual play.
  • Pogo Pop Fu players can earn thousands of Pogo tokens while working or sleeping - get Pogo badges faster than ever before!
  • Contains quick and easy built-in backdoors to favourite Pop Fu rooms.
  • Precise and reliable. This Pop Fu auto will not let you down in the middle of an important Pop Fu game.
  • Programmed with multiple features and customizable options making this the best Pogo cheat available for Pop Fu.
  • Free unlimited Foo Buddy upgrades for a year after purchase!
  • Friendly online technical support.

License information: Free 7 day trial

This download is the free trial version of Foo Buddy Pogo. The full version can be purchased for around $9.99 USD.