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Star Defender 1.1

License:Shareware OS:Win 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP
Rating: Rated 5 Stars. Submitted:6 Feb 2003
File Size:3.41 MB Price: $14.00 USD (approx.)

Star Defender is a vertical scrolling space shooter with elements of Tyrian, Raptor and Demon Star.

You are a test pilot flying a Tornado. Your ship is controlled by your mouse and is limited to movement in the lower line of the play area. To fire, press the left mouse button, and if you have rockets, press the right mouse button.

The Tornado can have up to 5 levels of power-ups. Each level gives you both more life and a more powerful weapon. Every time you are hit, you will lose 1 power level. When all power levels are depleted, your game is over.

The different types of enemy ships attack in waves, and each type of ship has different weapons, attack style, and AI. Each level consists of several waves and the last wave of each level is the big boss.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Direct3D compatible video card.
  • 32 MB RAM.
  • 10 MB hard drive space.
  • Sound card (optional).
  • DirectX

This download is the free trial version of Star Defender. The full version can be purchased for around $14.00 USD.