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HP MOPy Fish

5 Star Pick
License:Freeware OS:Win 95, 98, NT
Rating: Rated 5 Glowing Stars. Submitted:26 Mar 2000
File Size:1.35 MB

A screen saver that turns your desktop into a realistic aquarium where a beautiful pet fish lives, feeds and plays.

Scientifically, MOPy fish is known as "Piscenus Mopei Floataneus". It is a strikingly beautiful species that thrives on interaction from the program user. This fish is an old classic characterized by its cheerful nature and its calming effect on stressed humans. Its natural habitat is a special aquatic environment, very realistically residing on your desktop PC, where MOPy lives, feeds, plays, and sulks.

The pet fish gains its unique personality from the way it is treated by you, the user. If you feed it regularly and play with it, you will be the lucky owner of a fish with a happy disposition, a fish that is healthy and pleased to see you each time your MOPy screen saver is active.

If, however, you continuously fail to feed and occupy your fish, it may show signs of belligerence and anguish, eventually developing a SFA (Serious Fish Attitude). As with natural fish, if it is neglected too long, it will fall ill and die, simply floating to the top of its aquarium.

HP MOPy Fish is licensed as freeware and is therefore free to download, use and keep.