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Fog Lake Screensaver 1.1

License:Shareware OS:Win XP, Vista
Rating: Rated 5 Stars. Submitted:24 Jun 2009
File Size:14.95 MB Price: $14.95 USD (approx.)

Fog Lake Screensaver gives you a rare opportunity to feel the early morning tranquillity in the middle of a hectic working day. Your desktop can become a lookout on a hazy forest lake, beautiful in its natural serenity. The calm water surface reflects the rising sun, shining gently through the mist, and trees of all kinds bend to the water, swinging lightly in the gentle breeze. A great pine tree dominates the forest, standing out against the dawn, and its misty outlines look magnificent indeed. The stalks of rush raise their plush heads among many-flowered herbs.

Listen... The nature is awakening, accompanied with musical sounds. Wild ducks paddle unhurriedly by the side of a lake, and bright-coloured butterflies flutter in the air, which is filled with tranquillity and delicate fragrance of forest flowers. High in the sky a hawk soars, looking out for his prey. On the distant lakeside you can make out a dim figure through the mist. It is a huge moose roaming about the sleepy forest.

In the middle of a lake, half-hidden in the haze, there is a still fish-boat. The fisher is calm, listening to the meditative silence of the lake. Fishing on a lovely morning together with his dog is a pure bliss for him. Can you imagine yourself in such a quiet nook, fishing or sitting on a lakeshore? Treat yourself to a piece of natural paradise, which is given to you by Fog Lake Screensaver.

This download is the free trial version of Fog Lake Screensaver. The full version can be purchased for around $14.95 USD.